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Printer friendly version of Pricelist Superbright LEDs
Pricelist Superbright LEDs - printer friendly

Basic Price list of HB Superbright LEDs

These are just basic prices => Discounts up to -35% !!!
Order US$ total: Pay:
Price adjustment factor:
"Order US$ total" means for all items together. Mixed orders OK. Discounts start for orders from $199 in basic prices.

3mm Bi-Color(Red/Yellow Green) LEDs

330RG5C-CC Red/Yellow Green, Common Cathode US$0.086
330RG5D-CC Red/Yellow Green, Common Cathode US$0.086

5mm Bi-Color(Red/Yellow Green) LEDs

530RG5D-CC Red/Yellow Green, Common Cathode US$0.089

5mm Blinking Bi-Color (Red/Pure Green) LED

530RG2C-F2 Red/Pure Green US$0.19

RGB Power LED (3W)

E12RGB-3W RGB 3W US$3.6

5050 3Piece Water-proof LED Module Series:

LM-5050-W3-3P-12V Warm White: CCT 2700-3200K IP65 US$19
LM-5050-W6-3P-12V Cool White: CCT 5000-6500K IP65 US$19

5050 4Piece Water-proof LED Module Series:

LM-5050-W3-4P-12V Warm White: CCT 2700-3200K IP65 US$20
LM-5050-W6-4P-12V Cool White: CCT 5000-6500K IP65 US$20

5MM GaAlInP LEDs Red, Yellow (Amber)
NumberNMMCD½ angle   Price US$  
530AG7C57080030°US$ 0.029
510HR3C630800013°US$ 0.034
520HR3C630450023°US$ 0.034
540HR3C630300040°US$ 0.034
530FR4C640200030°US$ 0.039
510MR2C624800013°US$ 0.044
520MR2C624600023°US$ 0.044
530MR2C624470030°US$ 0.044
540MR2C624350040°US$ 0.044
560MR2C624150065°US$ 0.044
560MR2D624 D60070°US$ 0.044
510MY8C5881200013°US$ 0.044
520MY8C590800023°US$ 0.044
530MY8C590480030°US$ 0.044
540MY8C590350040°US$ 0.044
560MY8C588150065°US$ 0.044
560MY8D588 D80070°US$ 0.044
510PY9C591 HP*1200013°US$ 0.13
520PY9C591 HP*800023°US$ 0.13
530PY9C591 HP*800030°US$ 0.13
540PY9C591 HP*800040°US$ 0.13
560PY9C591 HP*300065°US$ 0.13
510PR2C630 HP*1200013°US$ 0.12
520PR2C630 HP*800023°US$ 0.12
530PR2C630 HP*600030°US$ 0.12
540PR2C630 HP*600040°US$ 0.12
560PR2C630 HP*400065°US$ 0.12
5MM InGaN LEDs Blue, White, Bluegreen (Aqua), Pure green, Pink, UV
NumberNMMCD½ anglePrice US$
530LB5C460200030°US$ 0.051
510LB7C470586013°US$ 0.051
520LB7C470586023°US$ 0.051
530LB7C470418030°US$ 0.051
540LB7C470300040°US$ 0.051
560LB7D470 D60070°US$ 0.051
Slow Burning*
1800013°US$ 0.056
Slow Burning*
1600023°US$ 0.056
Slow Burning*
1400030°US$ 0.056
Slow Burning*
900040°US$ 0.056
Slow Burning*
800050°US$ 0.056
Slow Burning*
600060°US$ 0.056
Slow Burning*
300070°US$ 0.056
515PWO4CWarm White
Slow Burning*
1500013°US$ 0.056
530PWO4CWarm White
Slow Burning*
1200030°US$ 0.056
550PWO4CWarm White
Slow Burning*
600050°US$ 0.056
520PG0C503-5121600023°US$ 0.11
530PG0C503-5121600030°US$ 0.11
540PG0C503-5121200040°US$ 0.11
510PG2C5252200013°US$ 0.11
520PG2C5252200023°US$ 0.11
530PG2C5251600030°US$ 0.11
540PG2C5251600040°US$ 0.11
560PG2D525 D110070°US$ 0.11
530MUV9C3904000uW30°US$ 0.21
8MM 0.5W 100mA leds
NumberNMLM½ anglePrice US$
05W08EW6CWhite28120°US$ 0.45
5MM Power LEDs 100mA
NumberNMMLM½ anglePrice US$
05W580BBC470470080°US$ 0.41
05W580CYC590780080°US$ 0.41
05W580ERC6251300080°US$ 0.41
05W580EW6CWhite2200080°US$ 0.41
05W580EW3CWarm White1700080°US$ 0.41
05W580EGC5251700080°US$ 0.41
Power LEDs 1W, 3W, 5W, 10W, 20W
"1W" LEDs (350mA)
NumberNMFluxPatternPrice US$
Emitter type
E12LY9C59035 LMLambertianUS$ 0.9
E12PW6CWhite65 LMLambertianUS$ 0.9
E12PW3CWarm White60 LMLambertianUS$ 0.9
E12LG2C52530 LMLambertianUS$ 0.9
Power led for street light
E12LR2C-O62540 LMLambertianUS$ 0.9
E12LY9C-O59040 LMLambertianUS$ 0.9
E12EB7C-O46515 LMLambertianUS$ 0.9
E12PW6C-OWhite70 LMLambertianUS$ 0.9
E12PW3C-OWarm White65 LMLambertianUS$ 0.9
E12LG2C-O52570 LMLambertianUS$ 0.9
Star type
S12LR2C62435 LMLambertianUS$ 1
S12LY9C59035 LMLambertianUS$ 1
S12EB7C46515 LMLambertianUS$ 1
S12PW6CWhite50 LMLambertianUS$ 1
S12PW3CWarm White50 LMLambertianUS$ 1
S12LG2C52530 LMLambertianUS$ 1
S12LR2C-B62435 LMBatwingUS$ 1
S12LY9C-B59035 LMBatwingUS$ 1
S12EB7C-B46515 LMBatwingUS$ 1
S12PW6C-BWhite50 LMBatwingUS$ 1
S12PW3C-BWarm White50 LMBatwingUS$ 1
S12LG2C-B52530 LMBatwingUS$ 1
"3W" LEDs (320mA)
3VAC9CW6White200 LM---US$ 5.490
3VAC9CW3Warm White180 LM---US$ 5.490
"3W" LEDs (700mA)
Star type
S12N3W6CWhite120 LMLambertianUS$ 1.59
S12N3W3CWarm White100 LMLambertianUS$ 1.59
"5W" LEDs (540mA)
5VAC9DW6White410 LM---US$ 8.990
5VAC9DW3Warm White380 LM---US$ 8.990
5VAM12DW6CWhite280 LMLambertianUS$ 10.5
5VAM12DW3CWarm White240 LMLambertianUS$ 10.5
10W LEDs
10VAL12HW6CWhite450 LMLambertianUS$ 11.99
10VAL12HW3CWarm White400 LMLambertianUS$ 11.99
20W LEDs
20VAL12HW3C Warm White 680 LM Lambertian US$ 28.49
High Flux 200mW LEDs Red, Yellow (Amber), Blue, White, Bluegreen (Aqua), Pure green
NumberNMFlux/Brightness½ anglePrice US$
980MY8C5883600MLM/1800MCD80°US$ 0.1
913MY8C5883600MLM/700MCD130°US$ 0.1
980MR2C6243600MLM/1800MCD80°US$ 0.1
913MR2C6243600MLM/700MCD130°US$ 0.1
980LB7C4701300MLM/650MCD80°US$ 0.11
980PWCWhite7800MLM/3900MCD90°US$ 0.13
913PWCWhite7800MLM/1500MCD130°US$ 0.13
980PWo4CWarm White7800MLM/3900MCD90°US$ 0.13
980PG2C5254700MLM/2350MCD80°US$ 0.16
913PG2C5254700MLM/900MCD130°US$ 0.16
4.8MM LEDs Large and Extra Large Angle, "Straw hat"
NumberNMMCD½ anglePrice US$
412HR3C635280170°US$ 0.034
412MR2C624200170°US$ 0.044
412LB7C470145170°US$ 0.051
470PWCWhite150090°US$ 0.056
412PWCWhite3000120°US$ 0.056
412PWo4CWarm White1500170°US$ 0.056
412PG0C505390170°US$ 0.11
412PR2C630 HP*280170°US$ 0.12
Flat Top LEDs Red, Yellow (Amber), Blue, White, Pure green
NumberNMMCD½ anglePrice US$
599HR3C624770100°US$ 0.034
599MR2C624770100°US$ 0.044
599MY8C588770100°US$ 0.044
599LB7C470770100°US$ 0.051
Slow Burning*
1500100°US$ 0.056
Slow Burning*
250130°US$ 0.056
599PG2C5253000100°US$ 0.12
599PR2C630 HP*1100100°US$ 0.12
Oval LEDs
NumberNMMCD½ anglePrice US$
  5.2x3.8 mm With stopper
774PG2T-S525 T210070°/40°US$ 0.144
  5.2x3.8 mm Designed for outdoor panels, with stopper and brass lead frame
7511LB7D-SB470 D770110°/50°US$ 0.089
  3.9x3.2 mm Designed for outdoor panels with stopper(X-Type)
3751XG2D-S520-530 D1700-2880105°/55°US$ 0.045
3751XB7D-S465-475 D300-620105°/55°US$ 0.045
  3.9x3.1 mm Designed for outdoor panels, with stopper and brass lead frame
3751LB7D-SB470 D1100110°/50°US$ 0.089
3751PG2D-SB525 D3000110°/50°US$ 0.155
3MM LEDs Red, Yellow (Amber), Blue, White, Pure green, UV
NumberNMMCD½ anglePrice US$
330MUV9C4004000uW30°US$ 0.21
330HR3C635210030°US$ 0.034
330MR2C624280030°US$ 0.044
330MY8C588280030°US$ 0.044
330LB7C470400030°US$ 0.051
330PWCWhite800030°US$ 0.056
330PWo4CWarm white800030°US$ 0.056
330PG0C505800030°US$ 0.11
330PG2C5251200030°US$ 0.11
1.8mm LEDs Red, Blue, White, Pure green
NumberNMMCD½ anglePrice US$
130MR2C624280030°US$ 0.04
130LB7C470210030°US$ 0.05
130PWCWhite200030°US$ 0.06
130PG2C525700030°US$ 0.11
8MM LEDs Red, Yellow (Amber), Blue, White, Pure green
NumberNMMCD½ anglePrice US$
825MR2C624600023°US$ 0.08
825LB7C4701200023°US$ 0.09
825PWCWhite1000023°US$ 0.11
10MM LEDs Red, Yellow (Amber), Blue, White, Pure green
NumberNMMCD½ anglePrice US$
1025MR2C624500023°US$ 0.08
105MR2D624110050°US$ 0.08
1025MY8C588400023°US$ 0.08
105MY8D58880050°US$ 0.08
1025LB7C470800023°US$ 0.09
105LB7D47077050°US$ 0.09
1025PWCWhite1200023°US$ 0.11
105PWDWhite300050°US$ 0.11
105PG2D525210050°US$ 0.13

TOP LEDs (PLCC) 3.5 x 2.8MM

PLCC2835-W6-0.2WWhite22-24lm@60mA120°US$ 0.035
PLCC2835-W6-0.4WWhite42-45lm@60mA120°US$ 0.056
PLCC2835-W6-0.5WWhite55-60lm@150mA120°US$ 0.061
PLCC2835-W6-1WWhite120lm@300mA120°US$ 0.12
PLCC2835-W3-1WWhite95lm@300mA120°US$ 0.12
PLCC2XW6White1860~2790mcd120°US$ 0.045
PLCC2W6-0.1WWhite2635~3255mcd120°US$ 0.06
TOP LEDs (PLCC) 3.0 x 1.4MM
PLCC3014-W6-UWhite2550~3500mcd / 11.5LM @30mA120°US$ 0.039
PLCC3014-W3-UWarm White10.5LM @30mA120°US$ 0.039
TOP LEDs (PLCC) 5.6 x 3.0MM
PLCC5630-W6White43lm120°US$ 0.259
PLCC5630-W3Warm White41lm120°US$ 0.289
TOP LEDs (PLCC-2) 3.5 x 2.8
NumberNMMCD½ anglePrice US$
PLCC2KYCT592400120°US$ 0.046
PLCC2KRCT624390120°US$ 0.046
PLCC2LBCT470280120°US$ 0.046
PLCC2LW6CTWhite2200120°US$ 0.036
PLCC2LW3CTWarm White1900120°US$ 0.036
PLCC2LGCT5251100120°US$ 0.070

TOP LEDs (PLCC-6) 5.0 x 5.0

Item #NMMCD½ anglePrice US$
PLCC6KRCT6212130120°US$ 0.23
PLCC6KYCT5911900120°US$ 0.23
PLCC6LBCT4701100120°US$ 0.23
PLCC6LGCT5244180120°US$ 0.25
PLCC6MW6C-3CWhite4000-8000120°US$ 0.25
PLCC6MW3C-3CWarm White6000-8000120°US$ 0.25
Classic SMD size 0603, 0805 and 1206
0603LWCTWhite200120°US$ 0.05
0603LBCT47037120°US$ 0.05
0603LGCT522145120°US$ 0.08
0603KYCT58852120°US$ 0.03
0603KRCT620102120°US$ 0.03
0603KGCT57619120°US$ 0.03
0805LWCTWhite770120°US$ 0.06
0805LBCT470102120°US$ 0.06
0805LGCT522550120°US$ 0.1
0805KYCT588102120°US$ 0.03
0805KRCT620102120°US$ 0.03
0805KGCT57010120°US$ 0.03
1206LWCTWhite1100120°US$ 0.08
1206LBCT468145120°US$ 0.06
1206LGCT521550120°US$ 0.1
1206KYCT588145120°US$ 0.034
1206KRCT622145120°US$ 0.034
NumberNMMCD½ anglePrice US$
PLCC4XRGBCTRGB870120°US$ 0.049
5XRGB-F2-FRGB750030°US$ 0.15
5XRGB-F2-SRGB1700030°US$ 0.11
599R2GBC-CCRGB1900100°US$ 0.74
InfraRed LED and receiver module
NumberNMRadiated Power½ anglePrice US$
520E940C94030mW/sr20°US$ 0.051
510E850C850160mW/sr13°US$ 0.149
530E850C85080mW/sr30°US$ 0.149
530F940C94035mW/sr @50mA30°US$ 0.060
540F850C85065mW/sr @50mA32°US$ 0.140
5XIRBCPhoto Diode/Low power consumptionUS$ 0.13
PL-IRM0101-3Receiver Module Suitable For 520E940CUS$ 0.38
X-types LEDs for undemanding applications
Suitable i.e. for: toys, hobbyists, plastic keyrings, throwies, cheap products...
NOT suitable for: displays and boards, quality products...
NumberNMMCD½ anglePrice US$
X-types 5MM LEDs
515XY8C590400017°US$ 0.029
530XY8C590150030°US$ 0.029
530XR2C625250030°US$ 0.029
530XB7C470600030°US$ 0.03
599XW7CWhite1000100°US$ 0.03
515XW8CWhite1500017°US$ 0.03
530XW8CWhite1500030°US$ 0.03
515XWo4CWarm White2200017°US$ 0.03
530XWo4CWarm White800030°US$ 0.03
515XG2C5252400017°US$ 0.07
X-types 10MM LEDs
105XB7D47080050°US$ 0.06
105XW7DWhite200050°US$ 0.08
105XG2D525300050°US$ 0.08
Pricelist of LED products has been moved here
  • *HP = Hewlett Packard a.k.a. Agilent/Avago Chip, CREE a.k.a. Osram, Vishay, Sharp Chip
    CREE or Hewlett Packard chip has about 10 times slower light declination than common chip.
  • *Every chip is "burning" in time when working, with LEDs that means LED is losing brightness slowly.
    Generally first 1,000 hours of using is most critical - the burning is quickiest and from this burning
    can know quality of a LED. XW7C burns 30% in first 1K hours, MW7C burns 20% in first 1K hours,
    PWC burns 0% in first 1K hours and VW6C increases it's brightness after first 1K hours 10%. Further
    burning (5K hours, 10K hours, 20K hours etc.) is at much slower pace.
  • D = Diffused lens, T = Transparent colored lens, MD = Milky Diffused lens, otherwise water clear lens
  • For taping (ammopack), cutting or bending surcharge $0.003/AlGaInP, $0.004/InGaN
  • Here is packaging details for LEDs. Order standard packing units => get nice looking original packaging
  • Our LEDs are manufactured from best quality materials imported i.e. from Japan and USA.
  • Our LEDs are machine sorted for BIN (brightness/color/voltage) and RoHs compliant.
  • For ordering info and another info please see our Info section:
    How to order, How to pay, Shipping, TNT Shipping Rates, Samples policy, Delivery time, Guarantee

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