Samples Policy - printer friendly

Samples policy

There are 2 ways how to obtain samples from us:

  1. Free* - You need to have an international customer Fedex/UPS/TNT/DHL number. We send samples "shipping fee unpaid" to this account. Max. value of samples sent this way: $20 in basic prices. No more than 20pcs or $1 per item**. Contact us with a list of required samples, courier account# and shipping address which must be same as the address on file for that account.

  2. Make a regular paid order - How to order.

*Free samples is not a "coupon" which can be add to a regular order. That means: You can EITHER ask for some free samples as mentioned above OR place an order, you can NOT combine both (place an order and asking something to be added there for free).
**Yes, that means items with cost per unit more than $1 can NOT be sent as free samples.

Free samples policy does NOT apply for China, samples with delivery to address in China must ALWAYS be ordered and paid.