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Throwies packs

  • Color mix packs:
    • 10MM diffused superbright LEDs (equal mix of red, yellow, blue, pure green and white).
    • CR2032 batteries
    • Includes Shipping fee to USA incl. Mexico, Canada, West Europe, Australia, NZ (another destinations)
      Does NOT include magnets. Magnets are "dangerous goods" and can not be sent in airplanes.
    • ---Packs:
    • Pack 0.5K: 500 LEDs with batteries $199 ($0.39/pc)
    • Pack 1K: 1000 LEDs with batteries $339 ($0.34/pc)
    • Pack 1.5K: 1500 LEDs with batteries $459 ($0.31/pc)
    • Pack 2K: 2000 LEDs with batteries $590 ($0.3/pc)

  • USA: Please order from our distributor: http://leading-leds.com

  • You can pay via Paypal to sales@hebeiltd.com.cn with subject "For throwies pack" and shipping address as body of the message. We will ship immediately, You get it in 1-4 days.

  • If You prefer another mix of colors or quantities place a regular order - How to Order

  • Anything else ? Contact us

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