Shipping and Costs - printer friendly

Shipping Options and Costs

  1. DHL/UPS/TNT courier Shipping rates, delivery 1-4 days (USA, Asia 1-2 days, Europe 2-3 days etc)
    DHL is suitable for LED diodes, LCD modules and Peltier Modules.

  2. Consolidated air freight - chargable minimum 25 kgs. Rates for shipments:
    over 100kgs 4~7 USD/kg, over 45kgs 6~10 USD/kg and over 25kgs 10~12 USD/kg, delivery 5-10 days. Consolidated air freight is suitable for above mentioned products and panel meters and LED holders.

  3. Consolidated sea freight - freight collect.
    Rates are 100~200 USD per m3 or ton, delivery 4-5 weeks. This type of shipping is suitable for above mentioned products, multimeters and heatsinks.
    According our experience value of goods which can be put into 2m3/ton is in average 5~10,000 USD.

For Air- and Sea freight we strongly PREFER and RECOMMEND customers use forwarding companies of their choice from their country of origin. According our experience customers chosen forwarders take better care of their custom procedures. We ship everywhere !